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Welcome to EarthAbbey

EarthAbbey is a movement of people helping one another to live more in tune with the earth. We work to promote

  • A rich relational life between human beings
  • A compassion toward the earth and its creatures
  • A sense of interconnectedness of all life
  • Wisdom and justice in relationships
  • Human fulfilment and the nurture of the inner life
  • A way of living that leaves the earth better than we found it

Our inspiration derives from Jesus of Nazareth whose life and mission was to bring about a peace which embraces all creation.  We pursue a life-affirming, creative spirtuality that is open to all. EarthAbbey is more than a website. It is a movement of people and you are invited to join.


EarthAbbey’s community growing project Grow Zones is looking for people interested in starting a group in their own area. If you’d like to know more ... click here.

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EarthAbbey Diary April 7th 2014 - three disciplines

This month’s diary introduces three disciplines, the discipline of prayer and self-reflection, the discipline of tending the earth and the discipline of prophetic action. Members and associates of EarthAbbey are encouraged to consider these as an indispensable part of their journey.

EarthAbbey Diary March 5th 2014 - inner life

We have had floods, we have had wind but we have had no winter. The UK has remained resolutely mild while Canada and the US experience extreme cold, Australia new heat and Brazil enters a serious drought. In the face of these first signs of climate change, this month’s diary encourages us to reflect on the inner life and its importance for inspiring and shaping our actions.

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