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Welcome to EarthAbbey

EarthAbbey is a movement of people helping one another to live more in tune with the earth. We work to promote

  • A rich relational life between human beings
  • A compassion toward the earth and its creatures
  • A sense of interconnectedness of all life
  • Wisdom and justice in relationships
  • Human fulfilment and the nurture of the inner life
  • A way of living that leaves the earth better than we found it

Our inspiration derives from Jesus of Nazareth whose life and mission was to bring about a peace which embraces all creation.  We pursue a life-affirming, creative spirtuality that is open to all. EarthAbbey is more than a website. It is a movement of people and you are invited to join.

This site is now being archived, you will be able to access the articles for some time, but it will be closed to new material. Thank you to everyone who has contributed over the years. Much has been achieved and there is a new way forward. See below.


This site is now being archived

Please do not leave messages here. Contact can be made through www.withwingslikeeagles.org

EarthAbbey - a new way forward

Many thanks to all of you who have taken an interest in this site over the years. I am delighted to announce today the launch of a new website, which will keep all our members and friends up to date with relevant developments, but, which may also appeal to a broader audience. The website is www.withwingslikeeagles.org. I have written to many of you about these developments and would like to thank you for your very warm responses to this change of tack. I believe that the new approach is full of promise and may better serve our continuing purpose - to encourage one another to live more in harmony with the earth.
Please use the subscription tab on the front page of the new site if you would like an email of each post as it is published.
There will not be more than two per month.
Best wishes to you all, I look forward to keeping in touch. Chris Sunderland

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